WATCH: Increased Crocodile Sightings Trigger Fears in Rajasthan's Kota and Surrounding Areas

By ETV Bharat English Team

Published : Jul 9, 2024, 7:20 PM IST

Crocodile sightings increase in Kota and surroundings (ETV Bharat)

Kota : A situation like man versus crocodile has been prevailing in Kota city and its surrounding areas for years, but the forest department and wildlife lovers refuse to accept it. Along with the human population, the crocodile population is also flourishing in the rivers and streams of Kota city. Now the situation seems to be worsening because the number of crocodiles is continuously increasing. In the last nine years, the forest department has rescued 313 crocodiles. Along with this, 18 crocodiles have also been found dead. These have been caught from the city roads, empty plots and populated areas. They had come out of the water body in search of food or a safe place.

Ladpura Ranger of Forest Department Sanjay Nagar said that the exact number of crocodiles cannot be told, but it is estimated that there are thousands of crocodiles in the areas around Kota, but there are a large number of crocodiles in the canals, distributaries and ponds of Kota city around Chambal and Chandraseel river as well as in the drains. Ranger Sanjay says that 14 to 16-foot-long crocodiles have been rescued in Kota city. Their weight was around 250 kg. Usually, 5 to 8-foot-long crocodiles are rescued, which includes baby, minor and adult crocodiles. When it rains, crocodiles are seen more. When there is a flood, they enter the populated areas. When the flow is high, crocodiles come out of the water and reach the banks.

Favourable Habitat: Ranger Sanjay Nagar says that the reason for the increase in the number of crocodiles every year is that Kota's water suits them. Apart from this, there is marshy water in the drains, water bodies and rivers here. Where the crocodiles also get enough food. Sufficient fish are also available in these areas to eat. The dead bodies of animals in these drains are also their main food. Due to this, their number is also increasing continuously. Their population increases by about three to four times every year.

Cattle guard and crocodile rescue team leader Virendra Singh Hada says that most crocodile rescues are done in areas of Kota city like Borkheda, Bajrang Nagar, Raipura, Thekda DCM Road, Kala Talab, Rang Talab, Sogaria, Bhadana, Nayagaon and Chandrasel. Ranger Sanjay Nagar says that a female crocodile lays 4 to 5 dozen eggs every year. Out of these, the survival rate of eggs is about 30 percent and about 20 percent of them become adults. In such a situation, the population of crocodiles is increasing three to four times every year.

Won't Attack on Land: Chambal Sansad's coordinator and wildlife lover Brijesh Vijayvargiya says that crocodiles have already been present in the water bodies of Kota city. After hunting, they sunbathe in the space nearby or protect themselves during the rains when drains or water bodies overflow, so they reach the upper areas. Wildlife lover Brijesh Vijayvargiya also says that crocodiles do not attack a person anywhere except in water. Only a few cases of man versus crocodile have come up in Kota. When the crocodile comes out of the water, it comes to defend itself, in such a case it does not attack anyone.

Cattle guard Hada says that the crocodiles caught from Kota are released at the Crocodile View Point in Deoli Arab when they are young. When they grow up, they are released at Sawan Bhado Dam and Kishore Sagar Lake. Larger dams are also being released in Jawahar Sagar Sanctuary and Chambal River. For this, the entire team is deployed 24 hours a day. Forest department officials receive calls from residents for crocodile rescue. Apart from this, information is also received through the police control room and the district administration.


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