World Yoga Day | 95-year-old Udaipur Doctor Has Made Pyramid For Meditation

By ETV Bharat English Team

Published : Jun 20, 2024, 4:40 PM IST

World Yoga Day | 95-year-old Udaipur Doctor Has Made Pyramid For Meditation (ETV Bharat)

Udaipur (Rajasthan): International Yoga Day is celebrated across the globe on June 21. Yoga in life encourages a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In today's busy life, only meditation and yoga provide mental peace.

There is a unique Malti Kumari Chundawat Pyramid Meditation Centre in Alkapuri, Udaipur, where people experience amazing peace. Pyramid meditation is quite different from other meditations. This meditation is practised amidst a pyramid structure. 95-year-old Dr A. S. Chundawat explains that these structures are considered to be the best transmitters of the Earth's magnetic field and cosmic energy. 

Dr Chundawat says that he himself is a doctor, but there are many diseases including mental depression, which have no cure in medical science, but a person can stabilise himself through meditation and yoga.

According to Dr Chundawat, meditation reduces the level of stress-producing hormones like cortisol and widens the blood vessels. This increases the level of DHEA (De-Hydro-Epi-Androsterone), which cures diseases like diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Yoga instructor Dr Bhupendra Sharma said Dr Chundawat has built a pyramid meditation Centre at his home by spending Rs 25 lakh. City residents can come here and meditate for free. 


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