Bigg Boss 17: Mannara Chopra and Abhishek Kumar become primary targets in torture task

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By ETV Bharat English Team

Published : Jan 16, 2024, 4:19 PM IST

Bigg Boss 17: Mannara Chopra and Abhishek Kumar become primary targets in torture task

The upcoming week's nominations for Bigg Boss 17 have been revealed in the recently released promo. The video provides a sneak peek into the torture task, with both Mannara Chopra and Abhishek Kumar being the primary targets.

Hyderabad: One of the most anticipated tasks in Bigg Boss 17 is just around the corner. It's the torture task! Although season 17 has been lacking in interesting challenges, the upcoming episodes will make up for it as contestants go head-to-head in this gruelling task. In the latest promo, Bigg Boss divides the eight contestants into two teams for the challenge.

The contestants will need to fight tooth and nail to ensure their safety from nominations. As revealed in the new promo, Bigg Boss forms Team A, which includes Munawar Faruqui, Mannara Chopra, Arun Mashettey and Abhishek Kumar and Team B, with Ayesha Khan, Ankita Lokhande, Isha Malviya and Vicky Jain. Team A must keep the buzzer pressed to secure their safety from nominations, while Team B will attempt to torture and force them into giving up the task.

Additionally, the Team A members will be connected by a bungee rope. Mannara Chopra and Abhishek Kumar became the primary targets as soon as the task started. Ayesha Khan is seen applying chilli powder paste to Mannara's face as she screams in pain. While Ankita can be seen using wax strips on Abhishek's face. Abhishek then mentioned that Vicky would also have his turn the following day and he would keep that in mind. Abhishek, Arun and Mannara pleaded with others to wash off the chilli powder with water as they were in severe pain.

In the previous episode of Bigg Boss 17 that aired on Jan 15, an intense fight erupted between Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain. Although the couple attempted to resolve their differences, they were unable to do so. The episode also witnessed a shocking elimination. While Mannara Chopra, Arun Mashettey, Ayesha Khan, Vicky Jain, Samarth Jurel and Munawar Faruqui, were nominated, it was Samarth Jurel, who was ousted from the show.

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