Microsoft CEO Bill Gates Meets Dolly Chaiwala in Nagpur; Video Goes Viral

By ETV Bharat English Team

Published : Feb 29, 2024, 5:11 PM IST


Nagpur (Maharashtra): Co-founder of Microsoft and well-known philanthropist Bill Gates posted an adorable video from his latest trip to India where he is seen sipping 'chai' (tea) and getting a very personal taste of the native way of life. The video, which went viral instantly, features Gates at a tea stall run by the well-known social media user, Dolly Chaiwala. 

"In India, you can find innovation everywhere you turn — even in the preparation of a simple cup of tea!" says the post shared along with the video on Instagram.

"One chai, please," Gates asks Dolly Chaiwala at the beginning of the clip. The major highlight in the video is the tea seller's distinctive way of brewing tea on his special cart, which provides an insight into the craftsmanship involved in preparing this popular beverage. 

As Gates takes a sip of his steaming hot tea, he talks about how happy he is to be back in India, a country he describes as being home to amazing innovators who are working on innovative methods to save and improve lives, and even to turn the mundane process of preparing tea into an art form.

The video ends with the line, "Looking forward to many chai pe charcha," as Gates stands with the tea seller.


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