Man Assumed to Be Dead Wakes up from Slumber While Pulling from a Pond in Telangana

By ETV Bharat English Team

Published : Jun 11, 2024, 4:46 PM IST

A labourer, who was assumed to be dead, woke up from slumber in a pond in the Hanamakonda district of Telangana when a cop pulled him out (ETV Bharat)

Hanamakonda (Telangana): In the quiet town of Hanamakonda, something unusual happened on a typical Monday morning that surprised both the locals and the authorities. In Reddypuram Kovelakunta of Hanamakonda, a man decided to take a nap in a pond. From 7 am as until noon, he lay in the water, unaware of the world around him.

Passersby, seeing him lying in the water, assumed that he was dead and quickly called the local KU police and emergency services. A policeman pulled what he thought was a dead body out of the pond.

But while pulling him he was shocked to see the man wake up. The man, who is from Nellore district and works as a labourer in Kazipet, explained that he had gone into the pond to cool off from the intense heat, not realising the trouble it would cause.

The police took him to the station to ask more questions. The man then explained to the police that he was working for 12 hours a day under the scorching sun at a granite quarry for the past 10 days. Hence, he entered the water to beat the summer heat.

His unusual way of staying cool showed how far people might go to escape the summer heat. The incident quickly spread on social media, capturing everyone's attention and turning an ordinary moment into an interesting story.


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