Nature Lover's Novel Initiative to Protect Tree While Reconstructing Luxurious House Steals Hearts!

By ETV Bharat English Team

Published : May 29, 2024, 7:11 PM IST

Vishal Sharma Designed His House in a Unique Manner to Protect His Mango Tree (Source: ETV Bharat)

Karnal: Exemplifying the need to save Mother earth and conserve trees to protect environmental balance, a man from Haryana, in a novel attempt has designed a luxurious house in a manner that the tree surrounding the building is not hurt or damaged. 

Vishal Sharma and his family did not care much about the design of the house but was insistent on saving the tree. Sharma laid out an elaborate design that did not hurt the foliage. 

Sharma said, "About 17 years ago, my mother planted a mango tree in the courtyard of our house, which has now grown quite big. When he wanted to demolish the old house and build a new one, the tree was coming in the way of the construction work. When the mason talked about chopping off the tree to build the roof of the house, I told him to design the building in such a manner that the tree is not affected. The mason followed my instructions and the tree was saved," he added.

The tree, in turn, has blessed Sharma with quintals of mangoes, taking everyone by surprise. "Nobody in our locality has a tree inside their house. This tree is unique to our house," Sharma added.

Sharma said that the mango tree is a symbol of Lord Vishnu and is considered auspicious. "It keeps the temperature of the house low despite the heat. I make an appeal to everyone to plant trees in huge numbers to reduce the harmful impacts of global warming," he added.

District Forest Officer, Jai Kumar, praised Sharma's unique initiative and said that the public should learn from it. "Pran Vayu Devta Yojana 2023 has been started by the Haryana Government in 2023. Under this scheme, financial assistance of Rs 2750/- is given to the individuals every year for the care of trees of 75 years or more," he added.


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