Haryana: Three youths from the same village died due to drowning in canal in Karnal

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Published : Sep 14, 2023, 1:12 PM IST

Updated : Sep 14, 2023, 5:41 PM IST

Three youths from the same village died due to drowning in Canal in Karnal haryana.

In Karnal, Haryana, three youths died by drowning in a canal in Anchala village of Karnal, while one was recused by passers-by Haryana. The accident occurred when the bike went out of control and fell into the Avardhan Canal. The deceased have been identified as Sahil, Ritesh and Divyanshu, while their companion who survived is identified as Himanshu, is a resident of the village in Panipat.

Karnal (Haryana): In a shocking incident, three youths died after they drowned in a roadside canal at Anchala village in Karnal district in Haryana on Wednesday at 8 pm in the evening. The incident happened when a group of four youths, comprising three locals and one from the nearby Panipat region, were heading back to Anchala village on their motorcycles, lost control after and nosedived into Avardhan Canal.

The locals have identified the deceased as Divyanshu, Ritesh, and Sahil, all of whom were college students. The fourth member of the group, Himanshu, was miraculously rescued by quick-thinking passers-by who scooped him out of the water.

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Upon receiving the distress call, the police launched a search and rescue operation, dispatching divers to the site. However, the operation was considerably hampered by the late hour and darkness. Consequently, government divers from Karnal were summoned to aid in the search effort.

After a painstaking search lasting approximately one and a half hours, the lifeless bodies of Divyanshu, Ritesh, and Sahil were eventually recovered from the canal. Himanshu, the lone survivor, had a fortunate escape and is currently preparing to pursue his dreams abroad at the Highlights Centre.

Himanshu, still reeling from the tragedy, recounted the harrowing incident, describing how their bike fell into a pothole and lost balance, sending all four friends into the turbulent waters. Despite their desperate efforts to save each other, the powerful current overcame them. It was only through the intervention of a local named Rajgir that Himanshu's life was spared.

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The youths were closely related, with all three being the sons of Himanshu's aunt. Their ages ranged from 18 to 20 years, making the incident all the more heartrending for the tight-knit Anchala village community.

Sadar police station in-charge, Ajaib Singh, spoke about the ongoing investigations, assuring that further actions, including post-mortem examinations, would be carried out on the deceased youths. The news of this tragic accident has plunged Anchala village into mourning, as it grapples with the loss of three promising young lives. The bodies of the victims have been sent to the post-mortem house for examination.

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