Tiger 3: Katrina Kaif opens up pushing herself for demanding action sequences and challenging towel fight scene

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Published : Nov 6, 2023, 1:21 PM IST

Tiger 3: Katrina Kaif opens up pushing herself for demanding action sequences and challenging towel fight scene

Katrina Kaif shared insight on how she pushed herself for the demanding action scenes for her upcoming release Tiger 3 alongside Salman Khan. Katrina also opened up on the much-talked-about towel fight scene with Michelle Lee.

Hyderabad: In the run-up to the highly anticipated release of Tiger 3 on November 12, the focus extends beyond Salman Khan and Emraan Hashmi's intense fight sequences to highlight Katrina Kaif's remarkable actions in the film. On Monday, Katrina delighted her fans by sharing training videos for Tiger 3 on her social media. In a heartfelt note accompanying the videos, she spoke about her dedication to mastering the film's action scenes, emphasising the importance of pushing her limits and embracing discomfort.

Katrina's message conveyed her determination to face physical and mental challenges head-on. She wrote, "For me, when tiger time comes, it's about pushing my limits, testing my endurance, and finding that strength within. Someone once told me, 'Pain is just another sensation.' Don't be afraid of it; don't run from the pain."

Katrina also revealed her rigorous training regimen and the creation of an alter ego to conquer fatigue and mental hurdles during workouts. She stated, "Many days, I was so tired; it felt different this time…tougher. My body was sore, but I would tell myself to take it as a challenge and see how much I could face today. During training, we created an alter ego. So even if I was tired, SHE wasn't tired; she was going to war!...your mind will stop you much before your body does."

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Discussing her commitment, Katrina emphasized, "Once you decide, commit and do it… no matter what! And the work is ALWAYS worth it. I think we were able to deliver even more dynamic action than before, and that's always our intention...Now waiting to share #Tiger3 with the world… nervous, excited...Just a few more days to go 🤍."

One of the highly talked-about moments is a scene featuring Katrina in a towel, engaging in intense combat with Michelle Lee, known for her roles in Black Widow and Bullet Train. Katrina Kaif, reprising her role as espionage expert Zoya in this Salman Khan-led action extravaganza, provided insights into the creation of this remarkable sequence.

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While talking to a webloid, Katrina mentioned that the scene was filmed in Turkey in September 2021 and highlighted the extensive training she and Michelle underwent under the guidance of action director Oh Sea Young. They mastered intricate combat movements while dealing with the added challenge of a steamy hammam setting, which made maintaining a firm grip and executing maneuvers more complex.

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Katrina expressed her belief that this fight scene, featuring two women engaged in intense hand-to-hand combat, is unusual in Indian cinema. She also emphasised her enthusiasm for portraying Zoya, the first female undercover agent in Yash Raj Films' spy universe, which allowed her to showcase her skills. Her love for tackling daring action sequences was evident, and Tiger 3 provided her with another opportunity to expand her horizons.


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