Gyanvapi complex: Wazukhana tank to be cleaned on Jan 20 as per court orders

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Published : Jan 19, 2024, 12:51 PM IST

Updated : Jan 19, 2024, 4:38 PM IST

The Supreme Court has granted permission to have the Gyanpavi mosque complexes sealed tank cleaned

The cleaning of the 'wazukhana' at the Varanasi Gyanpavi mosque complexes will be taken up under the supervision of the District Magistrate. According to historical documents, 'wazukhana' was constructed in 1937. Two representatives of both parties are to be present at the time of tank cleaning works on Saturday.

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) : Amid the ongoing controversy on the Gyanvapi complex, the Supreme Court had ordered the cleaning of the sealed 'wazukhana' tank a few days ago. Under the supervision of the District Magistrate, the tank cleaning works have to begin on January 20. This tank was constructed some 87 years ago in the complex.

After the sealing of the tank, hundreds of fish living in it have died. It was sealed in the year 2022 and it got dirty due to lack of cleaning for a long time. The committee looking after the mosque had demanded cleaning of this tank.

'Wazukhana' constructed in 1937: On this entire issue, SM Yasin, Joint Secretary of Anjuman Arrangements Masjid Committee, says that the Gyanvapi Masjid was constructed one hundred and fifty years. There used to be a well here then. Water was taken out from it and ablution was performed. According to the history of Gyanvapi, 'wazukhana' was constructed in 1937.

Later it was covered with a tin shed put over it. Citing documents, Yasin said that earlier there used to be a door opening towards the east, which was closed even before independence. The total length of the tank is 29 feet. The width is around 29 to 30 feet. Mufti-e-Shahar Abdul Batin Nomani says that its depth is around 7 feet. It was covered with mesh which was done about 20 years ago as per records.

Cleaning will be done under tight security: About 500 fish were in the pond. To maintain it, it was cleaned from time to time and the responsibility of their safety and food was also given to a special person here. Yasin explains that according to the beliefs of Islam, it is necessary to perform ablution before worshiping Allah. Without this, Allah does not accept Namaz, he said.

Stating that there is a specific way to perform ablution, he said that it cannot be changed; if any change is made, it has to be done again. "This is done with pure and clean water only. Therefore this wazu tank was constructed, he said. After a petition was filed in court appealing for the protection of the Shivlinga-like figure purportedly found in the wazukhana, it was sealed and handed over to the CISF surveillance and has not been cleaned since then. Now it will be cleaned under tight security.

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