Teenage Kashmiri boy Ayan Sajad becomes overnight sensation with instant hit songs

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Published : Nov 10, 2023, 6:35 PM IST

Teenage Kashmir boy Ayan Sajad becomes overnight sensation with instant hit songs

"Beder Dad Chane", "Jaana Janai" and the latest "Go Kiya Malal Yaaras" have created a storm on social media by striking the right cord among the audience.

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir): A teenage Kashmiri boy has made a splash in the local music industry for the last one year by singing a few songs, which have struck the right cords among the audience. Ayan Sajjad, who is studying in the 8th standard, has been making waves on social media for the past one year as he popularized Kashmiri songs in a place where people have been disconnected with the mother tongue.

Ayan, a resident of Anantnag district of south Kashmir. Ayan Sajjad has not yet learned to sing songs from a music school or a music expert. However, his passion for music drew him towards singing songs and he gained popularity through social media and YouTube. Although Ayan has sung only three Kashmiri songs and naats (praise of the Prophet of Islam) for the past one year, he says that when these three songs got enough social media attention, he was motivated to to sing more.

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"Beder Dad Chane", "Jaana Janai" and the latest "Go Kiya Malal Yaaras" songs and naats Ayaan sang can be heard being played everywhere and saved in the playlists of mobile phones in Kashmir. Ayan made his debut with the song "Bedar Dad Chane" before being roped in by Mishka Records production house, which brought him considerable fame.

Although this Kashmiri song has been sung by many singers, Ayan's rendition of the song made it popular among the young audience who find themselves quite reconnected to Kashmiri music. Ayan says he will continue his singing journey alongside his studies and will also try his luck in UPSC exams in future. He says that he hopes that the children of his age and the current generation will be inclined towards Kashmiri songs and poetry so that they can learn their mother tongue and keep it alive.

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