Hamirpur DM announces verdict in Sanskrit to promote, preserve it

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Published : Sep 9, 2022, 11:34 PM IST

Hamirpur DM announces verdict in Sanskrit to promote & preserve the language

District Magistrate of Hamirpur promotes Sanskrit by announcing the verdict of a case in Sanskrit on Friday. Advocates, despite being burdened by having to translate, applauded the DM's initiative.

Hamirpur (HP): Chandrabhushan Tripathi, District Magistrate on Friday pronounced the verdict in a case in Sanskrit, which he hoped would help promote and preserve the language. Advocates who could neither read nor write Sanskrit have sent the orders for a translation.

Chandrabhushan took this upon him while he was adjudicating a case of one Karan Singh, a Scheduled Caste farmer, resident of Kumharia in the Rath tehsil area. The farmer had sought the DM's permission to sell the land. The permission was necessitated owing to a dispute in the land.

The locals and the advocates were all praises for the Chandrabhushan's new initiative to promote Sanskrit. However, most of them could not understand the orders of the DM who holds a PhD in Sanskrit. Chandrabhushan has become the first Magistrate in the State to have given a verdict in the language.

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