Jharkhand: Tribals boycott converts after 15 families embrace Christianity

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Published : Dec 26, 2022, 10:53 AM IST

Chaibasa villagers in Jharkhand holding a meeting

Alarmed over nearly fifteen families embracing Christianity, the residents of Chaibasa tribal village in Jharkhand convened an emergency meeting where they took several tough decisions including boycotting converts to stop religious conversions.

Chaibasa (Jharkhand): Religious conversions in tribal areas of Jharkhand have allegedly been going on unabated on a massive scale. On Sunday, the residents of the Kharbandh village in Lalgarh area in Chaibasa district convened an emergency meeting to tackle the problem of religious conversions going on in their habitation.

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The villagers' meeting was organised amid reports that at least fifteen families in the village embraced Christianity over a period of time. Earlier, members of the two families adopted Christianity and later they persuaded thirteen other families of the same village to shift their allegiance to the Christian faith.

Alarmed at the continuing spree of conversions, the residents have unanimously resolved at the meeting to boycott those families who took to Christianity, sources said. People will not attend the functions in the families of the converts.

The tribals have also passed a resolution that the people converting to Christianity will not be allowed to collect forest produce like leaves, firewood or medicinal herbs also. Their names will be struck off from the government records in which they were stated as Scheduled Tribes, the sources added.

Several organizations have been actively working in the area to stop religious conversions in different parts of the state. But people switching over to other religions is still going on unchecked, as per reports.

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