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My Safetipin App, Creating Safe Public Places for Women, Have This App on Your Phone

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By ETV Bharat English Team

Published : May 12, 2024, 6:49 PM IST

If women leave the house.. family members are scared till they return safely. Experts say that this mobile app is handy in such situations. So, what is that app? How to log in? Let's know the details.

The kith and kin of working women are always fear of their safety.
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Hyderabad: The kith and kin of working women are always fear of their safety. The moment they leave the house alone.. until they return, the family members are afraid as the attacks on women are on the rise. For women to be safe, experts say that they should have this app on their phones. With this app, they can protect themselves from any situation easily. Let's see the details now.

In today's digital age, almost everyone has a smartphone. So, women should have "My Safetipin app" on their phones to be safe. It is suggested to install this app from the Google Play Store. This My Safetypin app is a crowd-sourced app that provides information about safe and unsafe places in different regions. Kalpana Vishwanath, a women's rights activist, and Ashish Basu jointly developed the MySeptiPin app in 2013.

How to log in: After downloading the application from the Play Store it will ask for location details. Provide name and phone number. OTP will be sent to the respective phone. You can log in through it.

If you are afraid when you walk alone at night, this application is fine. This keeps track of where they are.

While logging in to the application, we need to provide the phone numbers of five people, who are available on time and can protect them.


My Safetipin app tells you how safe your location is in the form of a rating. Also, through this app, messages will always go to your family members. When we feel defenceless while travelling...if we turn on this application, the message will reach those who will protect us. There is a Find Support option for this.

If we share our location with those who know us while boarding cabs and buses... they can easily track us. Also if you go to new places you can learn about the facilities being provided in the app. Also through the app, you can easily find out all kinds of information like traffic, how far the bus station, railway station, police station and hospital.

If the person using the app goes missing.. their location can be traced easily. Also, if we are in an unsafe place, notifications with the location will automatically go to the numbers registered in the app. That's why every woman should install this safe My Safetipin app on their smartphone.

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