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Exclusive | 'INDIA Bloc Wave in Country; Will Win All 14 Seats in Jharkhand': CM Champai Soren

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By ETV Bharat English Team

Published : May 28, 2024, 1:54 PM IST

Updated : May 28, 2024, 7:18 PM IST

Speaking to ETV Bharat's Jharkhand Bureau Chief, Rajesh Kumar, Chief Minister Champai Soren talked about the party's performance in the state, the issue of inflation, Kalpana Soren and the BJP's claim of crossing 400 seats this election among other issues.

The BJP-led central government under the governance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the past ten years has only made big promises but failed to fulfill them, said Jharkhand Chief Minister Champai Soren
Jharkhand Chief Minister, Champai Soren (Photo: ETV Bharat)

Jharkhand Chief Minister, Champai Soren In Conversation with ETV Bharat (Source: ETV Bharat)

Ranchi: The BJP-led central government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the past ten years has only made big promises but failed to fulfill them, said Jharkhand Chief Minister Champai Soren in an exclusive interview with ETV Bharat Jharkhand Bureau Chief, Rajesh Kumar.

"There is a wave of INDIA bloc in the country this time and we are sure to win all 14 seats in Jharkhand this time," a confident Soren said. Excerpts from the interview:

  • What are the issues on which the elections in Jharkhand are being fought this time?

The INDIA BLOC is contesting across the nation with 'one issue, one thought' in mind. We are focussing on issues such as unemployment, and women's upliftment that affect the common man's life. In the past ten hours, our Prime Minister has only made announcements but not executed his promises. "The people of this country have understood the PM's tactics. They have realised that they will only benefit from INDIA Bloc because we have been seeking votes on the basis of the work we have executed for public welfare. BJP ruled Jharkand for a long period but failed to carry out any developmental projects, neither for the tribals nor the poor. They did not recognise the 'Sarna Dharma Code' to save the tribals. The demand of providing 14 to 27 per cent reservation to the OBCs has not been addressed and is pending at the Raj Bhavan.

  • If BJP is anti-tribal, then how is Arjun Munda the Minister of Tribal Affairs and Minister of Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare in the Second Modi ministry?

On November 10, 2021, the Union Cabinet chaired by PM Modi had approved to declare November as 15 Tribal Pride Day. 15th November is also the foundation day of Jharkhand state and the birth anniversary of Lord Birsa Munda, who fought valiantly against the exploitative system of the British colonial system and led the movement against British repression, calling for 'ulgulan' (revolution). Soren said," It is ironical that the PM did not send out a single wish on the World Tribal Day. Why has a column not being made in the census list for Sarna Dharma Code yet? BJP cannot be termed to be tribal-friendly at all."

  • What have you done for the poverty-stricken people in your state?

The Modi-led government, in the past ten years stopped providing the people of this state money from the PM Awas Yojana, the CM said. "We were forced to start the 'Abua Awas Yojana (AAY)' whereby the state government decided to provide permanent housing with basic amenities to all homeless and rural families living in dilapidated houses by 2026. This state-sponsored housing scheme was especially launched for poor families who failed to benefit from the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana - Gramin (PMAY-G). The state government also launched the 'Sarvajan Pension Yojana' whereby, since the first time after the formation of the state, more than 7,79,142 beneficiaries have been given Rs 1000 every month as honorarium," he added.

  • Are 'inflation' and 'unemployment' the major topics of your attack against the BJP?

Has the BJP ever addressed the issues of inflation and unemployment in the past ten years, the CM questioned. "The BJP came to power in 2014 blaming the Congress for high rate of inflation in the country. "The price of gas cylinders has gone up from Rs 400 to Rs 1200 now. Petrol prices have soared as high as Rs 100 per liter. I want to know the basis on which they are seeking votes despite doing absolutely nothing for the poor," the CM said.

  • Do you think that poverty has reduced and the economy has strengthened?

Currently, the government is providing food grains to 80 crore people making it clear that poverty has yet not been eradicated from the country, the CM said. "The government has prospered by feeding into the interests of a few capitalists and has completely forgotten its responsibility towards the people of the country who voted them to power," he added.

  • What action will be taken against Alamgir Alam, who serves as the State Parliamentary Affairs Minister, and is under investigation for alleged irregularities and bribery in the State rural development department?

The minister cannot removed from the cabinet without the allegations being proved, the CM said. "The government is not interfering with the agency, the CM said. "However, the question also remains as to why action has not being taken against others who too have been embroiled in corruption," he added.

  • Is Kalpana Soren going to be the next CM?

You are asking me this question based on JMM MLA from Giridih, Sudivya Kumar Sonu's statement about Kalpana Soren being considered a parallel leader to the CM. "I do not think this to be a right time to answer questions based on other people's statements," he said.

  • Who will be the PM if INDIA Bloc comes to power?

This decision solely depends on the INDIA Bloc and I feel there is no need to be so anxious for this announcement, he said.

  • What do you speak to Hemant Soren about when you visit him in jail?

Hemant Soren is the working president of the party, the CM said. "Whenever I meet him we discuss about seat sharing and whom to give tickets to under the INDIA Bloc. We also plan about strengthening the organisation and working better for the welfare of the people," he added.

  • What do you think about the BJP's slogan of crossing 400 seats this election?

I just do not understand on what basis the BJP has been claiming these 400 seats, Soren said. "If they were so confident of their performance, why has the PM been spending nights at different places begging for votes? Even during the Jharkhand assembly elections in 2019, they had claimed that they would cross 65 seats but ended up getting only 25 seats," he added.

Last Updated : May 28, 2024, 7:18 PM IST
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