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Exclusive | Giving Better Experience to Passengers My Priority: Civil Aviation Minister Rammohan Naidu

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By ETV Bharat English Team

Published : Jun 11, 2024, 4:52 PM IST

Updated : Jun 11, 2024, 6:46 PM IST

Newly appointed Union Civil Aviation Minister Rammohan Naidu K asserted that he is ready to meet all the challenges and will give priority to give a better experience to passengers. He also said that the TDP will remain a part of the NDA for over five years. He spoke to ETV Bharat's Anamika Ratna in an exclusive interaction.

Giving Better Experience to Passengers My Priority: Civil Aviation Minister Rammohan Naidu
Union Civil Aviation Minister Rammohan Naidu K speaks to ETV Bharat (ETV Bharat)

New Delhi: TDP MP Rammohan Naidu K, who took charge as the Union Civil Aviation Minister on Tuesday, asserted that that he would work to give a better experience to passengers and that will be his priority.

Civil Aviation Minister Rammohan Naidu speaks to ETV Bharat after taking charge on Tuesday, June 11 (ETV Bharat)

In an exclusive conversation with ETV Bharat, Naidu, said, "It is matter of pride (that I am one of the youngest Cabinet Ministers) but at the same time, there is more responsibility as all all eyes are on the younger members in the Cabinet. There is a responsibility and I am ready to fulfill it. For guidance, I have Prime Minister Narendra Modi with me, who has a vast experience and our leader N Chandrababu Naidu, who is known all over the world for development. With help from them, I will move ahead."

Rammohan Naidu K defeated YSRCP candidate Tilak Perada by a margin of 327901 votes from the Srikakulam Lok Sabha constituency in Andhra Pradesh.

Rammohan Naidu stressed that he will focus on areas like passenger safety and security. "From the news I have seen in Civil Aviation that passenger priority is more or the issues that they face, there is a way to solve them to redressal mechanism and I will continue that. I will give priority through the Ministry to give better experience to the passengers, be it safety or security," Rammohan Naidu said.

The TDP is the biggest ally of the BJP in the Narendra Modi government 3.0. Asked whether TDP has gone enough in the new Cabinet, Rammohan Naidu quipped, "There is a discussion about it. I will like to say one thing, I am in the government, it is not that our (party's) focus will be only on civil aviation, we will keep a tab on all issues, we will speak to other ministers too for the issues of Andhra Pradesh."

"It is not possible that we will get all the ministries. We will co-ordinate with the ministers of BJP and NDA allies and we are happy that be it Prime Minister Narendra Modi or other NDA leaders, they are giving TDP respect. They feel that TDP is a key ally."

Quizzed whether TDP will remain with the NDA for five years, Rammohan Naidu shot back by saying, "(Maharashtra Chief Minister) Eknath Shinde had termed it as a 'Fevicol Jod' and it will stay for more than five years."

Last Updated : Jun 11, 2024, 6:46 PM IST
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