Bihar Police arrests four in connection with journalist's murder

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Published : Aug 19, 2023, 11:41 AM IST

Vimal was shot dead at his residence at around 5 am on Friday.

Bihar Police said that it has arrested four men accused of the murder of journalist Vimal Kumar Yadav, who was shot dead at his residence at around 5 am on Friday.

Araria (Bihar): Bihar Police have apprehended four individuals in connection with the alleged homicide of journalist Vimal Kumar Yadav in Araria, according to law enforcement authorities who provided this update on Saturday.

The unfortunate incident transpired during the early hours of Friday when Yadav was fatally shot at his residence. The fatal shot struck his chest, leading to his demise. This shocking and distressing occurrence has sent shockwaves throughout Bihar, prompting vehement condemnation from political opposition factions aimed at the ruling party helmed by Nitish Kumar. Their criticisms mainly revolve around the escalating levels of violence within the state.

Among those who voiced their discontent was Chirag Paswan, a prominent figure affiliated with the Lok Janshakti Party (Ram Vilas). Paswan unreservedly criticized Bihar's Chief Minister for what he perceives as an inability to maintain law and order within the state.

In response, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar expressed profound sorrow at the journalist's untimely death and took immediate steps to address the situation, instructing officials to expedite the investigative process upon receiving news of the incident.

Official sources have shed light on the circumstances leading up to Yadav's tragic demise. According to reports, a group of unidentified men arrived at the journalist's residence and lethally shot him. This harrowing event unfolded around 5:30 am within the jurisdiction of the Raniganj police station area. As preliminary investigations unfolded, the Bihar Police suggested that this murder might be rooted in a longstanding enmity, as Yadav's sibling was slain in the same manner four years before.

Pradeep Kumar Singh demanding Chief Minister's resignation over the incident said "Vimal's brother was murdered in a similar manner four years ago. Had the criminals been punished at that time, this incident would not have happened today. Media is the fourth pillar of our democracy and it has been murdered here today. This is not right. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar should resign from his post."

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