“Russian goals are aimed at rewriting European security…” Head of China Dept at OSW

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Published : Jan 18, 2024, 2:32 PM IST

Russia aims to form strategic synergy with  China's goals

Jakub Jakobowski the Deputy Director General at the Centre for Eastern Studies, stated that Russia's objective in Ukraine extends beyond European security, They aim to form a strategic synergy with China's goals in the Indo-Pacific. He emphasized a shared interest in rewriting European security, highlighting a concerted effort to divert US resources away from the Indo-Pacific.

New Delhi: Deputy Director General and Head of the China Department at Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), Jakub Jakobowski on January 18 said that the Russian goal is aimed at rewriting European security.

Jakub Jakobowski said, “The importance of the war in Ukraine goes way beyond European security. What it shows is that we can see emerging links between European security and Indo-Pacific security. I think the key to understanding this link is to look at a very powerful strategic synergy between Chinese goals in the Indo-Pacific and Russian goals in Europe

In a way, the Russian goals, which go way beyond Ukraine itself and are aimed at rewriting European security, are synergetic to what China wants to achieve...China is also hoping to divert the US resources away from the Indo-Pacific. In fact, we're seeing this now as exemplified by the debate in the United States currently.”

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