Why Jabalpur Rose Exhibition Is Held during Valentine's Week

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Published : Feb 12, 2024, 5:03 PM IST

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Why Jabalpur Rose Exhibition Is Held during Valentine's Week

Valentine's Week is celebrated the world over from February 7 to 14. During this lovable season, Jabalpur Rose Exhibition is held with over 300 varieties of strikingly beautiful roses. What is the bond that connects February and roses to Valentine's Week celebrations? Read on.

Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) : Now only two days are left for Valentine's Day, which is celebrated the world over on February 14. Ahead of this day, a rose exhibition was organized by Jabalpur Rose Society at Iqbal Bhawan. Participants exhibited more than 300 varieties of roses. This society organizes a rose exhibition every year in February and also honours rose growers.

Those associated with Rose Society say that February and roses have no direct connection with Valentine's Day. In fact, long before Valentine's Day became popular, February is associated with roses. Due to favorable weather in this month every year, roses blossom in their full beauty. Incidentally, Valentine's Day happened to fall in this month.

At the Jabalpur exhibition, people were thrilled to see 300 varieties of roses. Out of these, four roses got the title of King, Queen, Prince and Princess. Rose Society member Jayant Choudhary said that although all the flowers will look the same to onlookers but the one chosen as the king of roses at the expo has a unique shine of its own and a special quality in terms of the flowers, leaves and overall appearance. Choosing any four out of hundreds of flower exhibits was indeed a very difficult task at the expo.

Hitesh Shah, member of Rose Committee of Jabalpur, said that 'Double Delight' rose is the most fragrant one in the world. People fond of this rose also grow it in Jabalpur. There was also another rose here whose fragrance was like wine. Hitesh Shah says that the fragrance of every rose is different. He has grown more than 100 varieties of roses.

Some roses have also been developed in India, among them two roses named Sahastradhara and Prabhanand were also displayed here. Hitesh said that experiments are being done on roses in India also. New roses are being made from roses of two different varieties. Two such excellent roses are Sahastradhara and Prabhananda. In Sahastradhara you can see white colored lines on the petals. Whereas Prabhanand is a very beautiful blooming rose.

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