Garlic Crop Gives Windfall to Debt-Ridden Farmer at Madhya Pradesh's Chhindwara

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By ETV Bharat English Desk

Published : Feb 12, 2024, 9:09 PM IST

Farmer Hits Jackpot by Cultivating Garlic on Loans at Madhya Pradesh's Chhindwara

Farmer Shivram Verma took a risk by taking seed and fertiliser on loan for his garlic crop which involved a very high cost of cultivation. The young farmer of Bamhanwada, Madhya Pradesh, hit a jackpot in just three months and became a millionaire. If farmers follow good practices, they will get good income even when prices are low for their product in the market, says agriculture scientist Dr Vijay Paradkar.

Farmer Hits Jackpot by Cultivating Garlic on Loans at Madhya Pradesh's Chhindwara

Chhindwara : Garlic prices may bring tears to the general public but not to the farmers who cultivate it. Shivram Verma, a young farmer of Bamhanwada, who took a loan and cultivated garlic, became a millionaire in about 3 months.

Farmers are always worried about low prices for their harvest, but sometimes such occasions come when they get more profit than expected. When Shivram Verma decided to plant garlic, seed prices were very high at around Rs 300 per kg due to which it was difficult to plant. After that the farmer did farming by taking seeds and fertilizers on loans. His luck favored him in such a way that the price of garlic harvest was much higher than expected and in just three months he got garlic crop worth about Rs 1.5 crore.

The farmer got an income of about Rs 6 to 8 lakh in one acre. At present the price of garlic in the market is up to Rs 500 per kg. Farmer Shivram Verma said that about 14 to 16 quintals of yield is being obtained from one acre and the income per acre is about Rs 8 lakh. In one acre, about 3 quintals of seeds were planted and including all the expenses including fertilizer, its cultivation cost around Rs 1.5 to 2 lakh. He took a risk and cultivated garlic, which proved to be a big lottery for him.

Usually, when a farmer buys any seed to plant in the fields, its prices are high and when the harvest arrives, the prices go down. Many times the farmers even have to throw away the crop due to very low prices, but the farmers say that this is the first time that the price of the crop is higher than that of the seed.

Dr. Vijay Paradkar, Dean of Government Horticulture College and senior agricultural scientist, said that this is the first time when farmers are getting very good prices for garlic. Even when the prices are low, there will be good income if farming is done with good technology. For this, first of all, the field should be ploughed at least three times and fertilizer upto 100 kg should be used per hectare. Use 100 kg nitrogen, 50 kg phosphorus, potash and sulphur.

But 100 kg nitrogen should not be put in the field at once. If it is done then the crop will be ruined. About 35 kg should used at the time of planting the crop and, after 30 days, apply fertilizer at the rate of 35 kg. Then after 45 days, 30 kg per hectare should be used. The distance from row to row in the crop should be 15 cm and the distance from plant to plant should be 10 cm.

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