Youth tied and dragged by miscreants in Noida's Gautam Buddha Nagar

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By ETV Bharat English Desk

Published : Jan 21, 2024, 4:19 PM IST

In a series of alarming events within 48 hours in Noida's Gautam Buddha Nagar, three major incidents occurred.

A macabre incident came to light in Noida's Gautam Buddha Nagar. The accused after stabbing a person, tied him to a bike and dragged him around the area. Later, they left the grievously injured person at the Barola outpost and fled the spot.

New Delhi: A series of alarming incidents occurred in Noida's Gautam Buddha Nagar in 48 hours. On Friday, a fatal stabbing occurred in Dankaur, while in another incident a youth was shot dead in Sector 104 of Noida. Late on Saturday night, a shocking incident took place where a youth was stabbed, tied to a motorcycle, and dragged for a kilometre before the accused surrendered to the police.

The entire incident was captured on CCTV and went viral on social media. The footage shows two individuals on a motorcycle dragging the victim through the streets, revealing a gruesome act stemming from a rivalry in Sector-49 Baraula. The victim, a young man, was initially stabbed and then subjected to being tied to a bike and paraded around the area. Subsequently, the accused took him to the Barula outpost and fled the spot. Sadly, the injured youth succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment at the hospital.

The accused were identified as Anuj and Nitin from Baraula, engaged in a heated argument with Mehndi Hasan, a village resident, over a trivial issue late on Saturday night. The altercation escalated to a violent act where Mehndi Hasan was stabbed and then subjected to a disturbing dragging incident. On receiving the information, the police launched a search operation and traced the accused. While taking the accused into custody, they faced resistance, resulting in a confrontation. In retaliation, the police opened fire, injuring both the accused, who was subsequently admitted to a hospital for treatment.

According to the police, to avenge the murderous attack on his father in 2018, Anuj resorted to a heinous act to take revenge on the accused.

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