Tamil Nadu teen develops low-cost satellite to monitor air pollution

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By ETV Bharat English Desk

Published : Nov 16, 2023, 10:48 PM IST

Karur Tea Master Son create Low-Cost Satellite Revolutionizes Air Pollution Monitoring

Jayaprakash, a 16-year-old student, who belongs to the Karur district of Tamil Nadu, has come up with a solution to monitor air pollution levels using a low-budget satellite.

Tamil Nadu teen develops low-cost satellite to monitor air pollution

Karur (Tamil Nadu): In a groundbreaking achievement, 16-year-old Jayaprakash, the son of a tea master in Karur district, Tamil Nadu, has devised an innovative solution to monitor air pollution levels using a low-budget satellite. The teen scientist's remarkable journey began with the aspiration to create a device capable of detecting air pollution, leading him to seek guidance from his science teacher Ramachandran and Dr. Ramasubramaniam, the principal of the Bharani Education Group school where the young innovator studies.

Jayaprakash's ingenuity has resulted in developing a small satellite designed to detect air pollution levels in the troposphere within 10 to 20 kilometres from the Earth's surface. Unlike conventional satellites costing crores, Jayaprakash managed to complete the satellite's functions with a meagre budget of only Rs 1000.

In an exclusive interview with ETV Bharat, Jayaprakash explained that his satellite, essentially a helium balloon, offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional space-bound satellites. The entire project costs a modest 30,000 rupees, enabling the continuous monitoring of industrial pollution levels at an affordable rate.

The small-scale satellite, designed to detect gases from factories contributing to excessive air pollution, has far-reaching implications for pollution control. Jayaprakash's invention could provide a practical and cost-efficient solution for control board officials to monitor and manage air pollutants effectively.

Expressing his aim, Jayaprakash said his dream is to become an ISRO scientist and he aims to serve the country by combating air pollution and contributing to a pollution-free world. Despite financial constraints, he has established the Griffon Aero Space Club in his school, imparting knowledge to over a thousand students about satellite methods and tools used in scientific discoveries.

Dr. Ramasubramanian, the Principal of Bharani Education Group, said that Jayaprakash's helium balloon satellite would be showcased at the National Science Conference organized by the National Science and Technology Department. The former director of the Bangalore Satellite Center of ISRO, Mylaswamy Annadurai, has guided Jayaprakash, who is currently developing a version 2 mini-satellite to detect other gases causing air pollution over longer distances. The educational institution is poised to support and nurture this promising endeavour.

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