World Cup 2023 semi-final | SA vs AUS: Australia beat South Africa, to face India in CWC final this Sunday

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By ETV Bharat Sports Desk

Published : Nov 16, 2023, 1:36 PM IST

Updated : Nov 16, 2023, 10:45 PM IST

The electrifying atmosphere of the Eden Gardens in Kolkata is set to witness the second semi-final clash between two cricketing giants, South Africa and Australia in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 on Thursday. Temba Bavuma-led side would look to storm into their first-ever World Cup final while Australia would look to maintain their winning streak, to face India at Ahmedabad on Sunday, November 19.

Australia entered the final of the World Cup 2023 beating South Africa by three wickets in a close contest. Mitchell Starc and Pat Cummins picked three wickets each for the team while Travis Head shined with a knock of 62 runs.

Kolkata: Australia were involved in an exciting contest against South Africa when the two teams locked horns in the second semifinal of the World Cup 2023. Australia first wrapped up South Africa on a total of 212 despite David Miller's resilient knock of 101 runs thanks to a clinical effort from the bowling unit. Mitchell Starc and Pat Cummins picked three wickets each.

South Africa also responded in a superb way taking the game deep. Travis Head scored a half-century for the team and his knock played a key role in Australia chasing down the target.

Follow the live updates from here:

  • Over 47.2 (AUS 215/7)
    Pat Cummins finishes the game as he smacks a hit through backward point The batter opened the face of the bat to a delivery outside off and earned four runs.
  • Over 47 (AUS 211/7)
    Starc tried to finish the game with a slog sweep but missed the delivery turning away from him. Only two more runs and Australia will set a final showdown against India on Sunday.
  • Over 46 (AUS 210/7)
    Marco Jansen bowled a full delivery to Starc and he took full advantage of the ball bowled in the slot by smashing it through mid wicket for four runs. Now, Australians are just one hit away from a win.
  • Over 45 (AUS 206/7)
    A costly mistake from Quinton de Kock behind the stumps as he drops a sharp edge from the willow of Pat Cummins. The ball from Aiden Markram spun sharply and took inside edge of the batter. However, the South African wicketkeeper was not sharp enough to bank on the opportunity produced.
  • Over 44 (AUS 204/7)
    A disciplined over from Coetzee and he has allowed the opposition batters to churn out just a single from the over. He bowled short of length deliveries around off stump and that has helped him restrict the batters from the rival team to free their arms.
  • Over 43 (AUS 203/7)
    Only two runs from the over bowled by Aiden Markram and the fixture is turning out to be an interesting affair.
  • Over 42 (AUS 201/7)
    Cummins managed to muster a boundary from the over and that has tilted the game in the favour of the Australian team. He drove one through the cover. Also, South Africa are now under pressure and a no ball from Coetzee was the evidence of it.
  • Over 41 (AUS 195/7)
    Starc and Cummns managed to get only two runs from the over and the match has become interesting taking into account the current equation.
  • Over 40 (AUS 193/7)
    Coetzee bowls a brilliant yorker to Josh Inglis to clean bowl the batter. The game might go down the wire as South Africa need 20 runs and they have only the three wickets in hand. Also, the bowler castled Pat Cummins on the last delivery but the ball was pitching outside leg and so he was saved from getting LBW out.
  • Over 39 (AUS 190/6)
    Only a couple of runs from the over bowled by Keshav Maharaj
  • Over 38 (AUS 188/6)
    A boundary off an edge in this over as Australia comes closer to the target.
  • Over 37 (AUS 184/6)
    Just two of that over as Inglis and Starc chug along.
  • Over 36 (AUS 182/6)
    Five of that over including a boundary. Australia need just 30 runs but they are under some pressure here. SA spinners are keeping it tight.
  • Over 35 (AUS 177/6)
    Just two runs of that over. Till the time Inglis is there, Australia will feel that have the advantage.
  • Over 34 (AUS 175/6)
    Smith departs. de Kock takes probably the most important catch of this tournament. This is a massive wicket. It was full and Smith tried to hoick it but it went straight up in the air and de Kock grabbed it easily.
  • Over 33 (AUS 174/5)
    Rabada keeps pressure on as Australia managed just two runs of the over.
  • Over 32 (AUS 172/5)
    Seven came from that Gerald Coetzee over. Smith and Inglis deserve a lot of credit for the way they have batted. They have managed to handle pressure well and are on track to cross the line for Australia.
  • Over 31 (AUS 165/5)
    Just three runs from that over from Maharaj. Smith and Inglis know this is Australia's game if they stay there for the next few overs. Australia barely needs 40 runs and they have plenty of deliveries to score them. South Africa, on the other hand, desperately need a wicket.
  • Over 30 (AUS 162/5)
    Josh Inglis managed to score a boundary in the over and Australia tick along to the target even though SA sniffed a chance when Shamsi managed two quick wickets.
  • Over 29 (AUS 156/5)
    A mix-up in the over and South Africa might have suffered a dismissal. Also, he bowled a tossed up delivery just outside off and it beat the blade of the batter spinning away sharply from him as a result.
  • Over 28 (AUS 155/5)
    Josh Inglis capialised on the opportunity provided by Shamsi on teh first delivery to hit as he smashed it through the covers. A relief boundary from the batter and the duo will now look on set the foot on the pedestal.
  • Over 27 (AUS 150/5)
    Defence has been mantra for both the batters now and they are blocking most of the deliveries on front foot as the pitch has become tough for scoring with the amopunt turn spinners are generating.
  • Over 26 (AUS 146/5)
    Another tidy over from Shamsi. Although, Australian batters are playing with patience they must take care that the pressure of not keeping the scorboard ticking must not affect their batters as it can lead to them trowing their wickets.
  • Over 25 (AUS 141/5)
    The massive spin on offer is delaying the Australian victory as the batters are compelled to play with caution. Also, Maharaj and Shamsi are bowling in tight areas which hasn't allowed the opposition batters to play with ease.
  • Over 24 (AUS 140/5)
    Shamsi gets rid of Maxwell as the Australian batter times his pull early to a slightly short delivery and also low bounce beats him. Josh Inglis enters the crease and he will now have to take the team towards victory along with Steve Smith.
  • Over 23 (AUS 134/4)
    Some quality bowling from Maharaj and he has leaked only one run from the over. Also, the batters are handling the spinner with some patience as required run rate is not a major concern here.
  • Over 22 (AUS 133/4)
    With a minimal required rate to chase, Smith and Labuschagne were playing out the spinners with patience. However, Labuschagne tried to be adventurous with a reverse sweep but was dismissed by Shamsi as the batter missed the shot. Also, the bowler deceived Maxwell on the last ball buthe missed the outside edge.
  • Over 21 (AUS 130/3)
    Labuschagne counters the pressure exerted by the opposition bowlers with a sweep on the last delivery of the over and Australia's experienced batter will now take the team towards a win.
  • Over 20 (AUS 124/3)
    A short leg in place and the scenario is slightly similar to what we seen in Test matches. However, Labuschagne broke the shackles on the fourth delivery as he smashed a drive through extra cover and the ball raced to the boundary.
  • Over 19 (AUS 119/3)
    Only one run from the over as Keshav Maharaj's spin is turning out to be difficult to handle for the Australian batters. Also, South Africa are showing an intent to tackle wickets as they placed four fielders close to the batter on the last couple of deliveries to put pressure.
  • Over 18 (AUS 118/3)
    Shamsi had beaten Smith's outside edge on the the fourth delivery of the over. The batter nicked it towards the wicketkeeper but Quinton de Kock failed to show quick reflexes and take a tough chance. Also, the ball is spinning now and so Smith-Labuschagne duo will look to play with some alertness.
  • Over 17 (AUS 116/3)
    Keshav Maharaj is getting some turn from the pitch and so the Australian batters Marnus Labuschagne and Steve Smith are playing with caution against him. Only two runs from six deliveries.
  • Over 16 (AUS 114/3)
    Australia were on verge of losing their fourth wicket ion the over but umpire's decision saved Marnus Labuschagne. The batter was beaten by turn and was hit on the back pad but the umpire denied the appeal from the fielding team. The review from South Africa shows the ball clipping the stumps but it is not out courtesy of umpire's call.
  • Over 15 (AUS 109/3)
    A beauty from Keshav Maharaj as he dismisses Travis Head with a ball that spun sharply into the left-hander. The batter was clean bowled and Australia scored only a couple of more runs from the same over.
  • Over 14 (AUS 106/3)
    Another one dropped by South Africa, Klaasen at slip failed to hang on. This was not all that short, but Head stayed back and flashed hard, the outside edge flew past Klaasen before he could even react. Head survived and got a boundary. Eight runs came from the over with half chance.
  • Over 13 (AUS 98/2)
    Smith hit his first boundary by freeing his arms and nailed the drive past a diving cover for a four. Six runs came from the over. South Africa can win this match only by taking wickets, run0rate is not the issue for Australia here.
  • Over 12 (Aus 92/2)
    Eventful over came to an end. Head was dropped on the first ball, as he didn't keep the cut-down and hit it towards the deep point, Reeza dived in front but couldn't hang on to it. Head completed his half-century as well.
  • Over 11 (AUS 77/2)
    Just three runs came from the third over of Markram. Still wondering why Bavuma is not bringing Spinner from other end as well?
  • Over 10 (AUS 74/2)
    Two huge appeals against Steve Smith but Rabada couldn't get a wicket of him. Head continued his hitting and scored a boundary on the very first ball of the over. Eight runs came from the 10th over.
  • Over 9 (AUS 68/2)
    South Africa had bowled a couple of quiet overs but Head released the pressure with a boundary. He sat down and gets under the flighted delivery, smashing the sweep all the way over backward square leg. Seven runs came from the Markram's second over.
  • Over 8 (AUS 61/2)
    Dussen has pulled off a blinder to send back Marsh on a duck with a smile on his face. It was a good length delivery, outside off, Marsh went for a drive and didn't bother to keep it down and the ball was flying to the right of the cover, RvD dives and takes it with both hands while he's still airborne.
  • Over 7 (AUS 60/1)
    It's a wicket maiden from Markram. Markram came into the attack and provided a much-needed breakthrough for South Africa. Markram bowled it on a flatter trajectory and still got the drift, Warner did not move his feet and then tried to follow the ball, was beaten on the outside edge and the ball crashed into the off-stump.
  • Over 6 (AUS 60/0)
    Warner and Head hit two sixes each against four sixes against Kagiso Rabada in an over. Australia off to a flier here as they bring up fifty partnerships inside six overs.
    500-plus runs in two (or more) World Cup editions
    Sachin Tendulkar (1996 and 2003)
    Rohit Sharma (2019 and 2023)
    David Warner (2019 and 2023)
  • Over 5 (AUS 39/0)
    15 runs came from the fifth over. Head hit a six and two fours to Jansen. It was on fuller length and on the off stump from Jansen but Warner managed to get under it and deposit it over deep square leg, just clearing the rope for a six, and then head flicked it over the mid-wicket for a four.
  • Over 4 (AUS 24/0)
    Rabada missed his line and was sent into the crowd for a six. Rabada bowled just missed his length and bowled on the line around leg-stump, Warner pulled it off the front foot and sent it over the long leg for six. Just seven runs came from the over even after a six.
  • Over 3 (AUS 10/0)
    Once again not a convincing but a boundary nonetheless for Warner. He saw a full delivery and threw his hands on the drive, sliced it off the outer edge and the ball flew over the point region. Jansen bowled three-wide deliveries in that over as seven runs came from it.
  • Over 2 (AUS 10/0)
    Head plays the steer even though there are two slips in place. He uses the angle going across him and guides it off the outer half to third man. The fielder was pretty square and his dive was not enough to stop the boundary. Five runs came from the second over of the match.
  • Over 1 (AUS 5/0)
    Head and Australia are underway. It took South Africa 9 overs to score their first boundary, Head smashed the second ball for a one-bounce four. Full pitcher outside off, Head reaches and lofts it over the off-side field, almost went the distance.

End of South Africa's innings

  • Over 50 (SA 212)
    After adding two runs to the team total, Rabada tried to loft one over long-on but was caught by Maxwell who came running in and dived to take a brilliant catch.
  • Over 49 (SA 210/9)
    Kagiso Rabada pulls a short ball from Mitchell Starc over a deep backward square leg for a maximum. The South African pacer will now aim to provide a brilliant finish with Tabraiz Shamsi at the other end.
  • Over 48 (SA 203/9)
    A great shot from Miller to complete his century as he pulls a slower ball over deep midwicket for a maximum. However, he walks back to the hut on the second delivery of the over while pulling a short ball which is caught in the deep by Travis Head as he grabs a sitter. Now, the tail-enders have two overs to finish the game ion the best possible manner they could.
  • Over 47 (SA 191/8)
    Full outside off and Maharaj tries to loft over mid-off but gets it off the toe-end of the bat, easy catch for Smith. Maharaj wanted to clear that man, but couldn't connect the properly with bat and failed to get elevation. Six runs came from the last over.
  • Over 46 (SA 190/7)
    Miller moves into the nineties. A slower ball off-cutter on the stumps sits up for Miller who pulls wide of deep mid-wicket for a four. Eight runs came from the including boundary.
  • Over 45 (SA 182/7)
    A good over for South Africa, 10 runs came from it. Zampa is being persisted with and he is being treated harshly by Miller. This is dragged down on the stumps, Miller goes on the back foot to pull between deep mid-wicket and deep square leg.
  • Over 44 (SA 172/7)
    Australia needed a wicket to restrict South Africa inside the 200 mark and the captain delivered for the team. A short delivery down leg, seam-up, and Coetzee gloves it behind. Another important wicket as this stand again was looking concerning as far as Australia were concerned.
  • Over 43 (SA 171/6)
    A good over for South Africa, 7 runs came from it. But they'll need some 10-12 runs per over to get to the 230-250 run mark. Coetzee has played 30+ balls now and hence, needs to be a little proactive here and look for some boundaries.
  • Over 42 (SA 164/6)
    Skipper Pat Cummins comes back into the attack replacing Starc from the other end. Just four runs came from the 42nd over. Miller will have to keep striking as much as possible and look
  • Over 41 (SA 160/6)
    Who would have thought that Head would bowl the 41st over of the semi-final match? Only four runs came from the fifth over of Head.
  • Over 40 (SA 156/6)
    This is turning into a handy partnership between Coetzee and Miller. They need to keep doing the same thing for a bit longer. Pat Cummins at the moment has gone back to Starc it might be a bit too early because looks like South Africa is going to bat their 50 overs. Maxwell ended his spell with a brilliant spell with 10 overs and 35 runs.
  • Over 39 (SA 154/6)
    150 up for South Africa. Miller has taken his team to a respectable total after coming to bat at 24/4 at one stage and was well supported by Klassen with his 47 runs off 48 deliveries. Unfortunately, Klassen couldn't convert it into a big score. Another five run-over for South Africa.
  • Over 38 (SA 149/6)
    Another five run-over for South Africa. Skipper Cummins came back on the attack from another end as they looking for Miller's wicket to put them under pressure.
  • Over 37 (SA 141/6)
    That's a bit of a hack but it comes off. It's tossed up on the stumps, Miller smears it across the line and he clears mid-wicket and beats long-on to his left.
  • Over 37 (SA 141/6)
    Head continues to bowl in good areas and exploit the turn from the pitch. He gave only two runs from his fourth over. Head has got a 4.3-degree turn today - the most for any bowler this World Cup.
  • Over 36 (SA 135/6)
    Maxwell is keeping a lid on the scoring rate at the moment from one end and Head put them more under pressure with two quick wickets. Five runs came from Maxwell's eighth over.
  • Over 35 (SA 134/6)
    Five runs came from the third off Travis Head. It was too full and Gerald Coetzee put it away. A very full tossed-up delivery outside off, Gerald Coetzee went forward and drived it wide of cover.
  • Over 34 (SA 129/6)
    Glenn Maxwell's bowling stats don't show how well he has bowled today. He definitely deserved a wicket today but still, he has proven to be economical. He has given only 20 runs in his seven overs.
  • Over 33 (SA 127/6)
    Just two runs came from the second over of Travis Head. Zampa is struggling to find his line and length, The captain towards Head for to bowl some overs and he provided them a breakthrough.
  • Over 32 (SA 123/6)
    It was Short outside off and Miller cut hard into the ground and beat the cover fielder for a four. 50 for Miller and he raises the bat to acknowledge the applause. It's a tough knock from Miller and the important one.
  • Over 31 (SA 119/5)
    Head provided two quick wickets of Klaasen and Marco Jansen for Australia. Klassen missed a straight-over spinner delivery on the stumps by Head and Klaasen got late to get forward and cover the line and got bowled and then sharp off-break on the stumps, Marco Jansen totally did not pick it, went back and tried to defend in hope, the ball spins past the defense and crashes into the pad.
  • Over 30 (SA 115/4)
    This is a nice partnership building here. The rain break came at the right time for South Africa. They could regroup and now are looking to lay a solid foundation.
  • Over 29 (SA 111/4)
    Miller takes on Zampa and smashes a six. This is a poor delivery and a gift. A low full-toss on the stumps, Miller swings it way back over deep mid-wicket. Almost a no-ball for height too, was on the waist. Nine runs came from the Zampa's over.
  • Over 28 (SA 102/4)
    A good over South Africa as they got five runs from the Maxwell's over. Maxwell is mixing his variations by bowling some top spinner and off-spinner with some slower through the air.
  • Over 27 (SA 95/4)
    Two back-to-back sixes from Heinrich Klassen. First Klaasen pulled the half-tracker outside off and had it easy as he went on the back foot and smashed the pull to deep mid-wicket then on a good length delivery on the stumps, Klaasen went on the back foot and went deep in his crease, pulled over deep mid-wicket.
  • Over 26 (SA 81/4)
    David Miller is looking in good touch here. Seems like he has come in with a single-mindedness that he will pick certain bowlers and will respect the others and so far it has worked.
  • Over 25 (SA 79/4)
    Maxwell has not only rolled some arm over but also proved very economical so far. Maxwell has conceded just four runs in his three-over spell. Just two runs came from his third over.
  • Over 24 (SA 77/4)
    Pat Cummins coming on the back of spells from Hazelwood and Starc is not looking as effective as them. It is something which has happened with Cummins throughout the campaign where more often than not he could not make much of an impact as the middle-over enforcer.
  • Over 23 (SA 71/4)
    On the day where Hazlewood and Starc picked two wickets each and were economical as well, Cummins proved to be expensive, conceding 25 runs in his four overs. Six runs came from his fouth over.
  • Over 22 (SA 70/4)
    Miller and Klaasen are building a much-needed partnership after losing four wickets on a total of 24. So far, they have stitched 48 run partnership off 69 balls. But they'll have to increase the team's run rate to put up a healthy total.
  • Over 21 (SA 68/4)
    Glenn Maxwell is also introduced into the attack by the Australian skipper. He bowled a tidy over in his very first over and leaks just a single from the six deliveries.
  • Over 20 (SA 67/4)
    A full ball from Cummins on the middle stump in the slot. The left-handed batter flicks the ball through the air and gets a boundary as a reward.
  • Over 19 (SA 62/4)
    Zampa bowls a full length delivery and Miller takes advantage of it with a massive six over deep mid wicket once again. Miller is now looking to switch the gears as the innings progresses.
  • Over 18 (SA 55/4)
    Josh Hazlewood has strung a series of maidens so far and has succeeded in restricting both the batters from freeing their arms. A top notch pace bowling is on display from the right-handed seamer.
  • Over 17 (SA 55/4)
    A counter punch from Miller as he capitalises on a full length delivery from Adam Zampa with a clean strike. The ball sailed miles beyond the boundary line and the six might be enough top get the South African batters going in the upcoming overs.
  • Over 16 (SA 46/4)
    Josh Hazlewood is consistently bowling in the corridor outside off and he has been bowling on tight line and lengths since the start of the innings. A slight seam movement from the bowler has troubled the batters and they are not able to score against him.
  • Over 15 (SA 46/4)
    Adam Zampa comes into the attack to bowl his first over. The bowler got slight spin and he kept his line stump to stump. The bowler even deceived Miller with a googly. Only two runs from the over.
  • Over 14 (SA 44/4)
    Cummins conceded 12 runs in his first over. He started off with a full-length ball outside off Cummins and Klaasen leaned forward to play it through the covers for his first boundary then Miller checked his drive and chipped it towards mid-on. Hazlewood moves to his right, but the ball dips in front of him, it's four runs for South Africa.
  • Over 13 (SA 32/4)
    South African players are getting singles here and there now which is reducing the pressure on themselves. Just four runs came from the Starc's seventh over.
  • Over 12 (SA 28/4)
    Edged and gone! On a length and outside off, van der Dussen went for a loose drive away from his body and got a thick outside edge and it went straight to Smith at second slip and South Africa are 24/4.
  • Over 11 (SA 22/2)
    Wicket! Markram walked back to the pavilion after giving some hope of form with two fours. He threw his hands at length ball pitched outside off but it got a thick outside edge that flew to Warner and he made no mistake at the backward point. before losing his wicket, he hit the second four of the match, on a length around the middle and leg, Markram flicked it through mid-wicket and the ball raced away to the fence.
  • Over 10 (SA 18/2)
    Just single in an over of Hazlewood again. Hazlewood's figures so far in the match are insane - 5 overs, 1 wicket, 1 maiden, and just 6 runs.
  • Over 9 (SA 17/2)
    The first boundary of the innings came in the 9th over of the match. Markram released some pressure from himself with this boundary. A rare loose ball on the pads from Starc and Markram accepted it with both hands, flicking this over square leg. Seven runs came from the fifth over of Starc.
  • Over 8 (SA 10/2)
    Just two runs came from the eight over as well. Pressure is building on Van der Dussen, will he be able release some pressure or lose his wicket here? He will have to go for a big shot here.
  • Over 7 (SA 8/2)
    Another maiden over from Starc. Van der Dussen will have to score some boundaries here and there to release the pressure from himself and from the partner as well. he has played 22 balls but scored only 3 runs.
  • Over 6 (SA 8/2)
    It's a wicket maiden from Hazlewood. de Kock got frustrated with dot balls and threw his wicket away! On a length around off, de Kock went for a big shot but couldn't connect it properly and it straight went into the air, no timing whatsoever and Cummins took the well backward running catch at deep mid-on. Both the openers are back to the pavilion with hardly anything on the board.
    Bowlers dismissing Quinton de Kock most often in ODIs
    8 - Josh Hazlewood
    5 - Trent Boult
    4 - Mitchell Starc
    4 - Glenn Maxwell
    4 - Lasith Malinga
  • Over 5 (SA 8/1)
    It was a short of a length on off from Starc and van der Dussen punched it through cover, and he found the gap and took a couple of runs. Just two runs from the fifth over. South Africa are clearly on the backfoot.
  • Over 4 (SA 5/1)
    Hazlewood hits the deck hard and it nips back in sharply, van der Dussen gets an inside edge toward fine leg, gets off the mark finally on the 10th ball he faced. Just a single came from the fourth over.
  • Over 3 (SA 4/1)
    De Kock looks to flick this away, but it strikes into the pads and rolls to square leg. Appeal for an LBW, but this was clearly sliding down for a single. Just two runs came from the second over of Starc including a wide.
  • Over 2 (SA 2/1)
    On a length outside off, de Kock feels for it as the outside edge flies through vacant gully region, the fielder at third man cuts it down though, keeps him down to a single. A good over from Hazlewood as well, just one run came from the over. It's a nervous start from South Africa.
  • Over 1 (SA 1/1)
    Quinton de Kock and Temba Bavuma are at the crease. de Kock is on strike. Starc will open the attack and get the opposition captain in the first over of the match itself. It was on a fuller length, outside off, and a regulation outside edge was induced and the keeper made no mistake in a good low catch ahead of him. Just one run came from the first over.
  • Playing XI
    South Africa: Quinton de Kock(wicketkeeper), Temba Bavuma(captain), Rassie van der Dussen, Aiden Markram, Heinrich Klaasen, David Miller, Marco Jansen, Keshav Maharaj, Gerald Coetzee, Kagiso Rabada, Tabraiz Shamsi
    Australia: Travis Head, David Warner, Mitchell Marsh, Steven Smith, Marnus Labuschagne, Glenn Maxwell, Josh Inglis(wicketkeeper), Pat Cummins(captain), Mitchell Starc, Adam Zampa, Josh Hazlewood
  • Toss
    South Africa's skipper Temba Bavuma won the toss and elected to bat first.

Pitch report:

The Eden Gardens in Kolkata is expected to offer a slight advantage to spinners. The bowlers can use the boundary dimensions strategically to set a field and bowl accordingly. There have been some decent scores made at the venue, while the spinners have dominated the games during middle overs. Out of four ODI matches played here in the ongoing tournament, a side bowling first has won only once. The last two games at this venue saw the team batting first post a 300+ runs total.

Weather forecast:

The Indian Meteorological Department has predicted the weather to remain dry in Kolkata and there is no forecast for rains until the match ends. The maximum temperature is expected to be around 27 degrees and the mercury can dip to a minimum of 22 degrees, later in the night. A wind speed of 11 km per hour and 67% of humidity is what was forecast by the weather office.

Milestones alert:

1. Glenn Maxwell (898) needs 102 runs to complete 1000 runs in the ODI World Cup.

2. Kagiso Rabada (494) needs six wickets to complete 500 wickets in international cricket.


South Africa: Temba Bavuma (c), Gerald Coetzee, Quinton de Kock, Reeza Hendricks, Marco Jansen, Heinrich Klaasen, Keshav Maharaj, Aiden Markram, David Miller, Lungi Ngidi, Andile Phehlukwayo, Kagiso Rabada, Tabraiz Shamsi, Rassie van der Dussen, Lizaad Williams.

Australia: Pat Cummins (c), Steve Smith, Alex Carey, Josh Inglis, Sean Abbott, Cameron Green, Josh Hazlewood, Travis Head, Marnus Labuschagne, Mitch Marsh, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, David Warner, Adam Zampa, Mitchell Starc.

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